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  • Fragrant and spicy Star Anise.
  • Star Anise / Aniseed / Anisee.
  • A popular spice during Christmas as it is used in many recipes.
  • This spice can also be used as a decorative piece or pot puri.
  • 100g 

It's easy to recognize anise star pods: They usually look like an
eight-pointed star. This fruit of a tree in magnolia family
native to China and Vietnam produces tough-skinned, rust-colored
fruits that are picked and dried before ripening. Anise star pods
are hotter, more pungent, more bitter, and much more
licorice-like than the European anise. Anise star pods are used
in Chinese cooking, where foods are cooked for a long time in soy
sauce. The herb is used to flavor marbled eggs and many Asian
soups, in Thai iced tea, and in Peking duck. Anise star pods are
also chewed after a meal as a traditional breath mint and
carminative. (Please kindly note all our products are packaged in
Jalpur Millers branded packets, if bought from other sellers we
can not guarantee the quality of the product) **Allergen Advice**
(Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles
wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)

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